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Specialty Treatments

The Physical Therapists at Healy Physical Therapy strive to provide the most advanced and up-to-date therapeutic techniques available to treat rare conditions. We have decades of experience in treating patients and maintain a high level of commitment to continuing education. The following are some of our specialty treatments:

  • EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome)
  • Fibromyalgia Therapy
  • Manual/Manipulative Techniques - Advanced techniques used to treat joint and neuromuscular dysfunction.
  • Post - Surgical Rehabilitation - The rehabilitation of injuries that require surgical procedures.
  • Workers Compensation - The Evaluation and treatment of work related injuries, functional capacity examinations and work conditioning.   
  • Women’s Health - Advanced techniques using specific exercises, scar releases, and electrical modalities to re-establish normal pelvic floor function.
  • Vestibular Re-Education - A physical therapy that uses specialized exercises, positions and maneuvers designed to correct a variety of balance disorders.


Contact us today for more information on the specialty treatments we provide, or to request an appointment.

" My three year old son has suffered ever since he could talk. We have gone to every specialist at Hasbro Children's Hospital, and no answers. Since he has been treated at Healy Physical Therapy he has not woken up at night screaming in pain. He can now run, climb and play like a normal 3 yr. old. He used to scream day and night that his back hurt. He has changed so much and is now a happy kid. Thanks to the Healy P.T. team."
Shannon L

To learn more about Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), please click here