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Frequently Asked Questions

How often will I need to attend physical therapy?

There are many factors which determine how often you need to come to physical therapy. Factors are: the type of injury, physical fitness of the patient, medical factors, and compliance with a home exercise program.  After the initial evaluation your physical therapist will consider all of these factors, and determine how often you will need to attend physical therapy.

How long will each appointment take?

At Healy Physical Therapy we believe that one-on-one care with patient and therapist is the best way to get positive results.  Every patient is assigned a half hour of treatment time with a therapist where they will work with you to get you better.  Please make sure you arrive at least five minutes before your scheduled appointment to ensure you get the entire amount of time allocated for your appointment.

What makes your facilities different from other physical therapy facilities?

Every patient that comes to Healy Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine receives one-on-one care from a therapist at every visit.  No patient will ever be double-booked at our facility.  This gives you time to interact with your therapist with any concerns or questions you may have.  Education is what separates us from other facilities.  After your evaluation the physical therapist will sit with you and explain your injury, and how they will help you.  Every treatment you receive will be explained to you with rationale about how the treatment will help you.

Is there anything I can do at home that would speed the recovery process along?

After the evaluation the physical therapist will give you appropriate exercises to do at home.  Periodically throughout your plan of care the therapist may change your home exercise program to accommodate your new strength gain.

How much will each visit cost?

This depends on your insurance carrier. Your insurance company will determine what your co-pay and/or deductible will be depending upon the type of plan you have.  Each patient’s insurance will be verified prior to your appointment and someone from our billing department will inform you of any out-of-pocket responsibilities.  You may also contact your insurance company to verify your benefits for out-patient physical therapy.

What should I wear to physical therapy?

Please wear loose comfortable clothing, and sneakers or rubber sole shoes.  If appropriate try to wear clothing that will expose the injured area. (Example: for a leg injury, wear shorts; for a shoulder injury, we recommend wearing a tank top.)  You do not need to wear this clothing to the facility, but please give yourself appropriate time to change if you need to.

Contact us with any additional questions, or to request an appointment.